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The Tale of Dreams Come True Productions,  (DCT), LLC.


We were birthed  Dec. 2, 2009. Founded by Filmmaker Tamara D. Woods. The company's name evolved from an Inner Passion and Dream that she never gave up on. Through her Faith and God-given passion...Dreams Come True Productions,  ( DCT ), LLC has established it's self as an Independent Film Company. 


Dreams Come True Productions,  (DCT), LLC proudly presents "RN" Real Nurses Web/TV  Series to the public viewers coming 2018. Micah Lorick of Lorent Productions directed episode one and Frazier Prince of PHE Group directed episode two.


"RN" Real Nurses is a Medical based drama featuring 5 nurses who are ethically challenged,  struggling with everyday drama and interpersonal setbacks.  Which affects their careers and their families. And a few have skeletons to hide.


Tamara D Woods 

Dreams Come True Productions, (DCT ), LLC 

4822 Albemarle Rd Suite 110-B 

Charlotte NC. 28205

Tamara D. Woods RN

Creator, Writer & Producer of RN

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Frazier Prince of PHE Group is a Producer Director in film, documentaries, music video, commercials and digital production. Some of his past clients Orpheus/EMI, Warlock/Walkaway Entertainment, Force MDs, NYC Police Foundation, WPIX TV, Asbury Park Board of Education, Waste Management etc. 

Frazier Prince

Director of Episode 2

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