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Cast & Crew

Jay Bronson


Jay Bronson is an American Actor, model, comedian, and filmmaker. Born in Charleston, SC, Jay has done film all over the United States. You will find Jay working hard to help make an amazing production and always helping others. [Episode One and Two]

Jada Alexander


Jada Alexander has toured throughout the US acting and singing for many years. She allows the Lord to pour into her gifts and talents when performing. She began with "When A Woman Fed Up", and exploded into the world of theatre from there. She has toured with "Step in the name of Love", "The 3 B's", the return of "A Good Man is Hard to Find", "The Porch", "Behind the Pulpit" and many other productions.​ [Episode One and Two]

Kimberly Dawn


She is a single parent with 3 lovely daughters who she believes are truly her greatest accomplishments in life. A positive motivator and life coach to many and a Believer in Christ. [Episode One and Two]

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